The professionals

Bruno Savio

Mr Bruno Savio was born in Thiene, on the 5th of  june 1969.
He obtained a degree in Economy and Commerce at the “Università degli studi di Verona”.

He is Part of the Association of the Certified Accountants, Register of Financial Auditors and Association of Labour Consultant. Moreover he takes over the role of company auditor in important national companies.
Mr Savio has grown a significant experience in the field of merger and acquisitions operations and in the Restructuring sector.
Specializations area: Corporate, M&A, Private Equity - Corporate Tax – Fiscal planning - Strategic & Restructuring Planning –Insolvency Procedures – Banking and Financial area.
Spoken languages: Italian and English

Daniele Scavaortz

Laureato in Economia e Commercio presso l' Università Cà Foscari di Venezia. E' abilitato alla professione di Dottore Commercialista ed iscritto nel Registro dei Revisori Contabili. Ha maturato significative esperienze a livello di Alta Dirigenza nel Settore Bancario, con importanti specializzazioni nel comparto creditizio e del Restructuring. Aree di specializzazione: Corporate, M&A, Private Equity, Strategic & Restructuring Planning, Settore Bancario e Finanziario. Lingue parlate: Italiano ed Inglese.

Alessandra Cornolò

Ms Alessandra Cornolò obtained a degree in Economy and Commerce at the “Università degli studi di Padova” . She is part of the Association of Certified Accountants and Expert Auditors and of the Register of Financial Auditors.

Ms Cornolò has grown a several years' experience in the field of the ordinary taxation and tax controversy.

Giuseppe Crisci

Mr Giuseppe Crisci obtained a degree in Law, a Second level Master degree in Finance and Bank at the CUOA foundation in Altavilla (Italy), and is part of the Association of Lawyers. 

He has grown a several years' experience in preparing and drafting contracts in the field of business law joint venture agreements,

financial planning/analysis, project financing, and estimation of companies.


Our advisors

Luisella Doneda

Ms Luisella Doneda obtained a degree graduated  in Foreign Languages and Literature at the “Università Bocconi di Milano, and an MBA at INSEAD Fontainebleau.

Ms Donenda has grown a several years' experience in the field of direct management of distressed companies with the aim of either rearranging and rebalancing their activity or relocating them in the area of M&A operations.

She is a CDA member of important companies among which some are listed.

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