Savio & Partners

Our practice is the result of a successful idea based on the combination of our skills and experience combined, in order to provide efficient services, quality, and solid results. The “Savio & Partners studio” offers a large range of services concerning the field of extraordinary financial advice to small, medium and big business es world, lending institutions, funds of private equity, merchant banks, private investors, senior management and startup initiatives. We are a multi-tasking team of professionals excellence, constantly up-to-date and distinguished for our high specialization: our experts are in fact employed strictly for the necessary period of time and are identified for their capacity in providing integrated services by virtue of prestigious partnerships with both professionals of other sectors (lawyers, notaries, labor consultants, engineers and audit firms) and client’s trusted professionals and advisors. Savio & Partners operate all over the territory, thanks to the partner’s experience grown in consulting firms and merchant banks, thanks to promptness in client’s problems resolution and to synergic view of the job.

  • Corporate Finance
  • Restructuring
  • Evalutation & Planning
  • Control

Latest news

Le Fonti Awards: Savio & Partners Winner 2018

Published on 16 March 2018

Le eccellenze italiane si sono riunite in occasione del primo appuntamento dell’ottava edizione dei Le Fonti Awards, dove Savio & Partners è stato premiato come Boutique di eccellenza dell'Anno nella Consulenza Finanziaria.

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Per Ubi l’operazione good bank rischia di costare cara: fra possibile aumento di capitale e perdite del fondo di risoluzione

Published on 13 September 2016

Per le quattro ‘good bank’ si chiuderà “in zona Cesarini o ai tempi supplementari”. Così il presidente, Roberto Nicastro che a margine dell’Euromoney Conference, ricorda che si saprà qualcosa “nelle prossime settimane”. Il termine fissato per la chiusura è il 30 settembre. Quanto ai rumors di una offerta da parte di Ubi, Nicastro replica: “La procedura richiede riservatezza”. Anche l’istituto guidato da Victor Massiah non commenta. Ubi starebbe valutando di presentare un`offerta da 500 milioni per le 4 good bank (Banca Marche, Etruria, Cr Ferrara e Cr Chieti).

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Fondo salvaimprese di Cdp, vicine le nomine dei manager

Published on 31 May 2016And Close the definition of the organization responsible for the turnaround fund CDP, born him an idea for the revival of Ilva, but which the fine will deal with other dossiers. WOULD fact to be revealed the names and CEO of the fund's president.
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